The initiative ‘Respect the Mountain’ in Tenerife

The Cabildo, through Tourism of Tenerife, and initiative Respect the Mountain have organized for next June 18 cleaning of two areas of the island, Afur-Taganana in the Anaga Rural Park, and the Roques de Garcia in Teide National Park. This action is part of Tenerife Walking Festival and has the support of ‘Tenerife Good People’, the campaign to promote Tenerife with tourists.

Dependent of the International Union of Mountaineering and Climbing, Respect the mountain aims to promote the conservation of natural areas worldwide. This year it has scheduled nine areas in places like the National Park of Abruzzo (Italy), Samoëns (France), Mount Kazbek (Russia) the National Park Piatra Craiului in Carpathians (Romania) and Tenerife.

The insular Minister of Tourism, Alberto Bernabe, explains, “This action managed to unite the Tenerife Walking Festival, which has become the best event of hiking in Europe, with a laudable initiative to conserve our environment. It not only involves the local population, but is a fundamental part of the reason that tourists who visit us repeat their decision to holiday in Tenerife “.

The areas, which are part of the network of over 1,500 kilometres of trails in the island, are two of the most popular with tourists.

Within a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport for the conservation, protection of our World Heritage Site assets, it has organized a clean up of the Roques de Garcia trail in Teide National Park. Participants will be picked up at 2pm at the Bus Station of La Laguna, to start the cleaning activity at 15:30. There will be a picnic at 8.30pm and the possibility of participating in a stargazing activity. The day will end at 23:00.

Again, on the 18th in the morning, there will be an organized cleaning to Afur-Taganana. Attendees will be picked up by bus in Santa Cruz and La Laguna. The event will start at 9am after a brief talk in which the details will be explained. There will be a picnic lunch and a tasting of local cuisine in a restaurant in the afternoon. The event will end at 17:00.

Tinerfeño are invited to take part in this initiative, which will allow you to share a day with people with similar interests in a relaxed atmosphere amidst nature. As a reward, the one participant who finds the object of most original waste products will receive a set of brand sports shoes by KEEN, sponsors of the event. You will need to send an email to  Registration is free.

For more information on the initiative Respect the Mountain:

For more information about Tenerife Good People:


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