Visit Los Gigantes on your Tenerife Holiday

If you plan to get out and about during your Tenerife holiday, you may be wondering which locations are worth heading to, especially if this is your first time on the island. If you would like to sample some dramatic coastal scenery during your visit, the resort of Los Gigantes on the west coast is well worth adding to your itinerary.

Explore The Mighty Cliffs of Los Gigantes on Your Tenerife Holiday

Los Gigantes is most famous for its gigantic rock formations that form an outstanding ridge six miles in length and 1,600 feet high. The best way to view the cliffs is to take a boat trip, of which there are many departing from the marina in the resort. By getting up close to the mighty rocks, you can glimpse the sheer magnitude of the cliffs, whilst distinguishing the various colours and textures of the volcanic strata.

A Haven for Whale and Dolphin Watching on Your Tenerife Holiday

Although there are many boat trips allowing you to enjoy whale or dolphin watching on your Tenerife holiday, some of the best sightings can take place in the Los Gigantes region. Nearly 30 different species of whale and dolphin have been glimpsed here. If you’re interested in spying marine life on your Tenerife holiday, a day trip to Los Gigantes should certainly feature.

A Diver’s Paradise: Go Diving on Your Tenerife Holiday!

Diving is a popular pursuit on Tenerife, and the favourable year-round climate helps to keep water temperatures at a comfortable level. The west coast of the island, upon which Los Gigantes is located, is famed for having the best climate in the Canaries, so any water-based activity here assures divers of optimum conditions. In particular, there are said to be around 25 dive sites in the area of Los Gigantes, so whether you’re new to diving or an experienced pro, there is something to suit every level of diver.

Eating and Shopping on Your Tenerife Holiday

Los Gigantes itself is an attractive resort that is a joy to walk around and explore. It boasts a somewhat exclusive feel, and whilst it’s relatively small and peaceful, there are still plenty of places at which to sample the local produce or indulge in a little retail therapy. If you spending your Tenerife holiday in the south of the island at some of the popular tourist resorts, enjoying holidays to Playa de las Americas or Los Cristianos, you are only about 20 miles away from Los Gigantes, so it makes for a perfect day trip.

Visit the Los Gigantes Carnival on Your Tenerife Holiday

Los Gigantes also features its own carnival. Whilst it may not be as famous or as grand as the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it’s still a lively and exciting affair. In keeping with tradition, the carnival follows a format that includes election of the Carnival Queen, parades, music, dancing and the uniquely Tenerifian Burial of the Sardine. If you are lucky enough to be taking your Tenerife holiday during March, that’s when the Los Gigantes Carnival takes place – so make sure you don’t miss this spectacular event!

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