Generally speaking, parking in Tenerife on the whole is reasonably easy.  Discounting the typical Canarian driver, where some of them think that double yellow lines and zebra crossings are all fair parking spaces, there still tends to be a good amount of free parking.

Parking on the streets in Tenerife, at the moment, is still mostly free although you do have to be aware of any time limits where spaces are reserved for delivery vehicles to park during certain hours…otherwise, it can be expensive if your car gets towed away, not only is it expensive, but it’s also downright inconvenient and no doubt a worry when you come back and find that your car has been ‘stolen’.

The underground car park in Los Cristianos called ‘Valle Menendez’ in front of the Cultural Centre, together with the local Los Cristianos Commercial Zone Association have got together and have agreed a new free parking scheme.

If you shop in Los Cristianos and go to one of the shops that has signed up for the scheme, you will be allowed to park for 2 hours free of charge in the car park.  You will be able to tell which shops are in the scheme, when you see the sign, in the picture above, outside the shop.  You must ask the shop assistant for a receipt and get the ticket stamped by the official stamp and hand this to the car park attendant when you leave the car park.  Having asked one of the shops taking part, there is no limit as to how much you must spend in any particular shop, you just need to get your receipt stamped.

It’s a scheme which has been a long time coming and anyone who has lived here for a while will tell you that it is well worth having.  I am unable to tell you how many people actually use it, but I suspect there are probably not too many takers but considering that it only allows you a 2 hour stay for free, there should still be plenty of spaces there.

If you can’t find a space…you could always think about a double yellow line or zebra crossing…when in  Rome – Ooops – Tenerife…

Thanks for the above to Simon Sutton George  Tenerife Property Group
For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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