Happy St George’s Day

I would just like to take the opportunity to wish everyone wherever you may be a Happy St George’s Day.

The following poem made me smile and I hope it will make you smile too, and be taken in the spirit it is meant.

No one calls it racist
When the daffodil’s worn in Wales
Or is offended by their dragon
With its forked tail and scales

When St Patrick’s day comes round
And the shamrock’s being worn
The Irish are not treated
With insult or with scorn

If a Scotsman on St Andrew’s day
Hoists his flag aloft
He’s not proclaimed a fascist
Or ridiculed or scoffed

So when St George’s Day arrives
We English men wont hide
For Elizabeth, England & St George
We’ll wear our Rose with pride

Step Through the Looking Glass and read the  Red Queen Musings
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