Walk the Sculpture Route in the metropolitan area of Tenerife

This pedestrian route, under the shade of the leafy Indian Laurel trees, runs along the pleasant avenue called the “Ramblas de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.” It crosses the entire city and was the venue for the 1st International Exhibition of Street Sculpture, held in 1973.  This event enriched the artistic patrimony of the city with the works of such well-known sculptors as, Miró and Henry Moore. Today it makes up a truly open-air museum, which is continually added to with both new and older works.

The route sets off from the square, Plaza de la República Dominicana, in the Avenida Reyes Católicos, in the upper part of the city, where the Móvil is located by Francisco Sobrino. The small park and cultural centre Viera y Clavijo houses another important work, Femme Bouteille, by Miró, made in bronze. The route continues along the Ramblas, one of the favourite areas of the city for the people of Santa Cruz, until it reaches the port, at the other end of the city. Along the route, there is a novel work by Jaumé Plensa, Islas, which is a collection of artist’s names that hang from trees and are lit up at night.

On the same route, other outstanding works are the Guerrero Goslar, by Henry Moore; Ejecutores y ejecutados, by Javier Corberó; Nivel, by Joaquín Rubio – Asturias; Lady Tenerife, by Martín Chirino; and a painted iron statue by José Abad. There is also a tribute to the victims of the civil war by the Montesori School. The García Sanabria Park, next to the Ramblas, also contains an outstanding collection of sculptures with works by Amadeo Gabino, Gustavo Torner-Cuenca, José Guinovart, Claude Viseux and Oscar Domínguez, among others.

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