Sausages And Sky Are Not Enough

The tourist market in Tenerife is changing and the times when you could rely on a steady stream of customers because you offer Sky TV and a full English breakfast for a handful of change, are long gone.

A Tenerife bar or restaurant owner needs to understand how the market is changing if they are to survive.

In the old days it was easy. Expat owned businesses were mainly British, as were the tourists. These early entrepreneurs knew their market and met their expectations. The British tourist market was relatively unsophisticated and wanted a home from home, a Blackpool in the sun. Going abroad was still a novelty and tourists preferred the comfort of familiar food and surroundings.

Nowadays the British tourist has changed beyond recognition. Their demands have become more refined and cosmopolitan. They are more likely to try local dishes, and many will even shy away from a ‘typical’ British bar.

They probably don’t even eat a lot of ‘British’ food at home, so the appeal of eating it while holidaying in the Canary Islands is highly doubtful. These modern British travellers are a different breed that no longer hangs around shabby pubs and cafés at home. They are more accustomed to going out and they expect a higher level of decor, service and quality than ever before.

But even more important for the Tenerife business owner is that the British no longer constitute the vast majority of tourists. Other Europeans, Spanish and the more affluent from Eastern Europe have taken to holidaying on the island. These groups certainly have no interest in eating a full English breakfast with English TV blaring in the background.

Bars and restaurants have to change with the times and the market. Successful bars in Tenerife have given themselves a facelift. Gone are the plastic tables and chairs randomly scattered beneath the freebie brewery parasols. They have been replaced with chic sofas and stylish furnishings. And customers are naturally drawn to them.

The traditional British bar in the sun, with its Sky TV and full English breakfast is facing a rapidly dwindling market. Although times are getting more prosperous, the benefits are not equally shared. Businesses still stuck in the eighties, like their customers, are becoming dinosaurs.

As they stumble and fail, new entrepreneurs are snapping up these businesses on the cheap and simply by re-focusing their target market, they are turning them into thriving concerns.”

The above was first published Tenerife Bars
For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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14 Responses to Sausages And Sky Are Not Enough

  1. Sue of Lanzarote says:

    I can recommend Meryl’ s articles Mike C. I know Meryl and she knows her stuff. Sue Lanzarote

  2. Brynette says:

    Enjoyed this article. Must say we have noticed this in Lanzarote.
    We welcome discerning guests from many countries, all including our UK guests enjoy the experience of local Lanzarote cuisine. Lanzarote tapas bars being a favourite, and restaurants offering fresh fish. Shared

  3. Gail says:

    Great news for Canary Island holidays. I love Lanzarote but l do get frustrated when every other bar has to have not one but up to four screens that you are forced to watch as everywhere you look a tv glares back at you. Plus, who goes on holiday and NEEDS to watch their favorite soaps!!?? Aaaarrrgh! I also agree that the tired looking decor in some places needs to be spruced up and brought back to this decade. I think some of the entertainment is great ( bands and live acts) some not so great! However I personally would love it even more to encounter a bit more of the traditional Spanish music being played or Spanish guitar playing in bars just to shake things up a bit, but I’ll just have to wait on that one I think. I love hearing it being played by various artists at Teguise Sunday market or a festival though, thumbs up there. Love Lanzarote😃

  4. Mike says:

    Yes north Tenerife has only 5 so called Brit/Irish bars left, three run by Spanish & only one run by the English ‘Robin Hood’ & its not so merry men & Molly Malone mainly filled by Scandinavians. Lots of German bars however. Plus oddly only 1 Indian restaurant.

  5. Mike says:

    Excellent article and something I’ve been saying here in Lanzarote for years. I’ve linked it from our newsletter today, so expect a lot of traffic!

    • Thank you for your comment Mike, it is an excellent article which is why I posted it but I cannot take the credit, it was originally published as I said at the bottom of the page by an estate agent, Tenerife Bars back in 2012, and still after all this time it continues 😦

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