Celebrate Holi in Adeje

This Sunday, April 3, Plaza de Fañabé will host for the fifth consecutive year, the traditional festival of Holi or feast of colours, a celebration where the people from Tenerife South Indian Association, welcome spring.

Holi is one of the most impressive Indian festivals and the Indian Association, in collaboration with the municipality of Adeje invite all citizens to actively participate in the festival which highlights the peaceful coexistence within the daily lives of everyone in Adeje.


The mayor said that “to achieve peace and maintain a harmonious coexistence we must have contact with other cultures and learn everything we can from them while at the same time we are strengthening our own identity as we accept and respect their traditions”

Meanwhile, the president of the Indian Association Tenerife, Carlos Mirpuri said for many years, Adeje is our home, here we found our place, we learned to integrate and want to return all the love and affection that the people have given us and Holi is an ideal time to do so. With this festival, we want to transmit to new generations the rich cultural and religious heritage of India.

There is a legend associated with the ancient tradition of Holi – Lord Hiranyakashyap wanted everybody in his kingdom to worship him but to his great disappointment, his son, Prahlad became an ardent devotee of Lord Naarayana. Hiaranyakashyap ordered his sister, Holika to kill Prahlad. Holika could enter fire without being hurt, however, she was not aware that the blessing only worked when she entered the fire alone. As a result, she died while Prahlad was saved by the gods.

The festival, therefore, celebrates the victory of good over evil. From the legend, the tradition of burning effigies of Holika in bonfires across the country the day of Holika Dahan (the eve of Holi) arises.

Holi is reserved as a games and party day where the ritual is to throw colored water at anyone who comes your way. This is a party that knows no restrictions, a set of excesses that brings together men and women of all ages. The idea is that all people, regardless of their social status, sex or religion, feel equal for a day. Holi is the festival of brotherhood and equality, a day in which grudges are left behind and life is celebrated in all its splendor  said Mirpuri.

The activities will begin after noon. There will be stalls of traditional Indian food and the proceeds will go to social purposes and local charities.

The above  was originally posted Adeje Ayuntamiento website.
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