Titsa new website. More intuitive, more attractive design.

Finding information is now easier than ever on  TITSA’s new website, as it is more intuitive to queries from both local users and outsiders.Screenshot 17/03/2016 at (s) 15.29.43

Following criteria of usability and the latest trends in design for intuitive navigation, the new website will continue to provide all information about the services of the company on the island.

The screen is divided into several sections highlighting a top banner with existing campaigns; a sidebar in which the travel planner is located and the latest alerts/warnings and updates and six medium banners which will, with just one click, give the client access to the list of lines, tariffs, or suggestions about sights to which you can access guaguas.

The company website is visited by nearly a hundred thousand people a month, it has a daily traffic of about 5,300 visitors, of which 32% are new, while 68% repeats. The average user of the corporate website Titsa (www.titsa.com) visits three screens per session and stay 3.21 minute.

87% of visitors are Spanish users, of which 21% are from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Inquiries from abroad are mostly from the UK (2.69%) followed by the Germans (2.32%), French (0.77%) and Italy (0.72%). Of these, the average is male 54.15% and queries are mainly from people with an age range of 25 to 34 years (33.50%) followed closely by the group of people 18 to 24 years (27,50%).

Source: Titsa
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