6 Things to do in Tenerife to enjoy the most of the island.

All activities below can be booked by following the heading links.

Quad tour in south Tenerife.

The fun never was so high: driving a Quad through the forests of southern Tenerife at a height of 1700 meters. Touring does not need to be a boring, check out the beautiful setting of southern Tenerife on this exciting activity.

Underwater scooter Tour (Hydrobob).

Take a ride on an underwater scooter and effortlessly enjoy a walk along the seabed in Tenerife. Similar to the old diving suits, Bob diving allows you to make a seabed tour without using a dive equipment. Just get your head inside the air bubble and you can stroll along the seabed for about 25 minutes.

Diving Baptism with turtles for beginners.

Get started in the spectacular world of diving accompanied by sea turtles in Tenerife. Although you have never dive before, this is your chance to feel the sensation of floating in the water enjoying a beautiful underwater seascape full of life and with the frequent visit of some… turtles!

Dolphin and Whale Watching Trip.

Enjoy an exciting day watching dolphins and whales in their natural environment in Tenerife. After a short relaxation and breathing class, we’ll sail to the south coast of Tenerife, an ideal place for whale watching.

Catamaran tour from Los Gigantes.

Enjoy an exciting boat trip from the port of Los Gigantes. You will have a unique experience…from a short distance you will observe dolphins and whales and have the chance to swim with them! Also you will have four subsea views to see marine life in all its best.

Complete Kitesurf initiation course.

Move with the power of the wind with a Kitesurf and feel the adrenaline rush in Tenerife. Kitesurfing is a sport that combines techniques of surfing, windsurfing, kite traction, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Live the feeling of floating on water and enjoy jumping over the waves.

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