Rock star Brian May on why Tenerife is heaven

One of the most acclaimed rock stars of the century Brian May, who has played alongside the monumental Freddie Mercury as well as Diana Ross and Lady Gaga, has described Tenerife as a feeling of “being close to heaven”.

Speaking at a special event to promote the third Starmus Festival, May said: “It’s a feeling of being close to heaven up here in the [Teide] national park and it’s a place that is very spiritual – it’s probably where I would like my ashes to be scattered”.

May, who regularly visits Tenerife with his family and whose greatest passion aside from music is astronomy, first visited the Island in 1970 when he spent time at the island’s Observatorio del Teide as part of his PHD studies.

He added: “The views of the cosmos up there is amazing, you get beautiful views of the Milky Way and the zodiacal light.“The atmosphere above Tenerife is very transparent and they have been very good at controlling the amount of light pollution, so it’s a wonderful place to look at the stars,” he added.

A great stargazing experience

Tenerife offers some of the most spectacular views of the night sky anywhere in Europe, attracting stargazers, astronomers and people on holiday in Costa Adeje, situated close to the national park.

As well as taking a keen interest in Tenerife’s perfect climate for star gazing, Brian May still has the ambition of walking to the top of Mount Teide, despite having problems with his knees.An active volcano on the island, Mount Teide’s summit stands at 3,718 metres and its elevation above sea level makes it the tenth highest island in the world.

Later this year, May will be attending and performing at the Starmus Festival in Tenerife alongside Stephen Hawking. The festival is a gathering of astronauts and astronomers and will take place from June 27 to July 2 in 2016.

So if you are enjoying a holiday in Tenerife or happen to be nearby between those dates, make sure you take the chance to look up at the magnificent starlight display.

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