Top travel insurance tips when travelling to Tenerife

For many people planning their holidays to Tenerife this year, like any other holidaymaker travel insurance will be one of the main priorities on their ‘to-do’ list before jetting off.

For anyone who is planning to visit the Canary Islands, having the right documents and insurance is crucial. Although basic emergency treatment is covered under Spain’s reciprocal healthcare arrangement with the UK, anything above and beyond this could be very costly. To prevent this from happening, and plus other setbacks that you may find when buying your policy, we have come up with some handy information to consider when buying your travel insurance to Tenerife.

Exclusions in the small print

When shopping for your travel insurance, be aware of typical exclusions that are often forgotten about when looking for cheap deals, the most common exclusion being pre-existing medical conditions. Although gaining the right documents for you may involve answering in-depth questions from the insurance company, it is worth spending more time searching for the correct policy than finding exclusions in the small print later on.

Does your policy cover you for excursions and trips?

As well as pre-existing medical conditions, excursions and trips that you may want to book on your holiday may not be covered in the cheaper policies. From outdoor activities to the sightseeing tours in Tenerife, any accident that could lead to more than ‘basic’ hospital treatment could also be excluded from your chosen policy. Make sure to check with the potential insurance companies as there may be conditions and limits to cover.

Baggage and flight cover

Baggage and flight cancellation insurance cover should be at least as high as the value of the baggage you are taking so you are not out of pocket. Although the likelihood of lost baggage and delayed/cancelled flights are very slim, it is better to be safe than sorry. When booking your cheap holidays to Tenerife, make sure to read the terms and conditions for baggage allowance and the conditions that your airline has set when claiming for delayed or cancelled flights.

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