Festival celebrates walking holidays in Tenerife

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to become more active this year, what better way to get some exercise than on holiday? For walking enthusiasts, the up-coming Tenerife Walking Festival represents an ideal opportunity to enjoy walking holidays in Tenerife.

When is it?

The Tenerife Walking Festival takes place on the island from 29 March – 2 April, 2016. Organised by various local authorities, tourism groups and walking associations, the event sees participants explore a total of 15 trails that cover different parts of the island. If you want to take part, registration is now open, so book early to secure your place as there is a maximum of 25 walkers per group. The event is expected to attract around 300 ramblers from all over Europe.

The walks

You can choose to register for up to four of the 15 different hiking trails. Hikes last a day and are guided by an expert. They fall into three different categories: coastal hikes, volcanic hikes and forest hikes, allowing you to choose based upon your experience and specific interests. Hikes also vary in length and intensity, so there are a range of options whether you prefer to walk alone, in groups or with the family.

Whichever hike you choose, you can be guaranteed stunning scenery, as the walks have been selected to showcase the many natural attractions of Tenerife.

What’s included

When you register to join the Tenerife Walking Festival, you will need to pay 20 Euros. This covers a number of elements including travel to and from the starting point in Puerto de la Cruz; a welcome pack; an expert guide; and a wristband which gives you discounts at many attractions, shops, restaurants and hotels. Supplementary activities will be included in each hike, such as wine tasting, stargazing or visiting rock pools, depending on which hike you choose.

There will be time scheduled in for a lunch break, and for a modest additional sum, you can order a packed lunch.

Why go?

Walking holidays in Tenerife are becoming increasingly popular as more and more tourists appreciate that the island has far more to offer than glorious beaches and fine hotels. The island is steadily making a name for itself as a walking destination, and what better way to learn about the island and experience some of the best trails than with a guide as part of the Tenerife Walking Festival?

If you are new to walking, or you lack confidence in tackling trails under your own steam, this provides the ideal opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Tenerife, whilst getting fit at the same time. A guided expert can also provide insights along the route, thereby enriching the experience.

Spring is also the perfect time for cheap Tenerife holidays, allowing you to enjoy walking whilst the weather is pleasantly warm and many flowers are in full bloom.

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