Full schedule for Arona Carnival 4th – 14th March


0_35339_1Friday 4 March  At 21:00 Presentation of Candidates for Child Queen and Queen of Carnival in front of the Valdes Center, Los Cristianos

Saturday 5 March

  • 12:00 Opening of the exhibition “A Dream Carnival Tribute to Victor Gamez” by Laly Gonzalez  Location: Cultural Center of Los Cristianos.
  • 19:00 Carnival Parade Anunciadora, Playa de Las Americas from CC Gala Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina to CC Oasis Avenida Las Americas.
  • 22:00 Wig Party, Party Pelucon  in front of the Valdes Center, Los Cristianos

Sunday 6 March

  • 12:00 Concert by the Band of Arona  Plaza de la Pescadora, Los Cristianos.
  • 17:00 Carnival Parade with municipal groups. From Plaza del Pescador (Cultural Center) to the beach of Los Cristianos.
  • 18:00 Encuentro of Murgas de Tenerife in front of Valdes Center, Los Cristianos.

Tuesday 8 March 19.00 Festival of Choreographic Groups in front of the Valdes Center.

Wednesday 9 March

  • 18:30 Senior Dance Courtyard of the Cultural Center Los Cristianos.
  • 20:00 Gala Election of Children’s Carnival Queen in front of the Valdes Center

Thursday 10 March 21. 00 Gran Gala Election of the Carnival Queen in front of the building Valdes Center

Friday 11 March 

  • 21:00 Gala Election of the Carnival Drag Queen in front of the Valdes Center
  • At the end: Big Dance with the orchestra Delicious in front of the Valdes Center
  • 24:00 Zone Dj with local DJs Plaza del Pescador, outside of the Cultural Center

Saturday 12 March

  • 12:00: pray. “Carnival Day” with two scenarios:
    • 40 Main stage with national and international artists. Valdes Cent
    • Familiar scenario with various performances and workshops Plaza de la Pescadora
  • 17:00 Costume Contest Plaza de la Pescadora.
  • 20:00 Big Dance enlivened by orchestras and Harmony Show Tropin Valdes Center
  • 22:00 Route T Carnavalera From Av Sweden to the Plaza del Pescador.
  • 24.00 Zone Dj enlivened by local DJs. Plaza del Pescador outside the Cultural Center

Sunday 13 March

  • 11:00 to 14:00 Exhibition of classic and vintage cars (Event to be confirmed). Valdés Center
  • 11:30 Pets Contest in front of the Valdes Center or Pescadora Square.
  • 16:00 Gran Coso Apotheosis From the Paloma Beach apartments on Avenida Juan Carlos I to the Cultural Center of Los Cristianos.
  • At the end, Big Dance with music from Pasion Combo Dominicano Gomera.Location: Outside the Cultural Center, Los Cristianos.

Monday 14 March

  • 20:30 Burial of the Sardine from Plaza del Pescadorto the beach Los Cristianos.
  • At the end: Grand Ball End of Carnival, with local Dj’s. Location: Plaza del Pescador, (outside of the Cultural Center of Los Cristianos).


The above was first published Arona Ayuntamiento
For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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