North or South – The Big Tenerife Debate

If you have never visited Tenerife before, you may be pondering where to stay. The north and the south of the island are quite distinct from each other, so decide which half appeals to you most before you make a booking.

Although Tenerife basks in sunshine for much of the year no matter where you stay, it is widely thought that the southern half of the island tends to experience slightly drier and sunnier conditions than the north. If sunbathing is top of your agenda, the south may be preferable. What this means, however, is that the scenery can be quite different. With slightly wetter conditions, the north is lusher and greener than the south. If you want to experience verdant landscapes, the north is the place to stay.

The south of the island is generally more developed for tourism, so if you are looking for a package holiday to Tenerife that offers all of the vital holiday essentials and more, from water sports to cuisine, entertainment and theme parks, you will not be disappointed with what the south has to offer. Visitors staying in the north tend to be attracted to experiencing a more authentic side of the island, where they might mingle with locals at traditional restaurants, experience a village fiesta or browse in cultural museums or galleries.

Many visitors choose to take a package holiday to Tenerife because they want to sample the lively nightlife that the island is famous for. Both the north and south feature after-dark entertainment, but each half tends to cater for different types of crowds. It is the south of the island that attracts most overseas night-time revellers, with its wealth of bars and clubs appealing to all tastes in music. Northern resorts know how to put on a party, however, but it is not on the same scale as that in the south. Evenings here are geared towards mixing with locals rather than fellow tourists.

Eating out is one of the most enjoyable pleasures on holiday, and in Tenerife you will be spoiled for choice for places to wine and dine, no matter where you stay. Having said that, if you are looking to sample Canarian dishes or truly top-notch restaurants, food critics argue that the north pips the south to the post for culinary experiences.

Tenerife is a haven for beach-lovers, and no matter where you stay you will be greeted by inviting clear waters and soft sands. Black sandy beaches tend to more characteristic of the north of the island, whilst golden sands predominate in the south. Whatever the colour, the difference is purely aesthetic and no reflection on the quality or cleanliness of the beach. If you do prefer a golden beach with all of the usual beach-side amenities, then the south may be more to your liking.

Whether you stay in the north or the south, Tenerife is perfect for exploring, so you can easily get to appreciate the different aspects of this diverse island.

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