Local delights: Taking the Dorada Beer Brewery Tour

Local delights: Taking the Dorada Beer Brewery Tour

In visiting Tenerife, you will soon become acquainted with the island’s locally brewed drink, Dorada beer. Even if you don’t sample the beer, you will see the brand name plastered on billboards and adverts, and served up in bars and restaurants all across the island. For visitors who enjoy this local tipple, it is fascinating to find out how it is made. And what better way to do this than on the Dorada Beer Brewery Tour?

Where does the tour take place?

The Dorada Beer Brewery Tour, perhaps unsurprisingly, takes place at the brewery. This is at Compania Cervecera de Canarias in Santa Cruz, in the north of the island. You will need to reserve tickets in advance. The brewery provides a fully guided tour in either English or Spanish, which takes around two hours. Ticket prices are 10 Euros, with discounts available for groups of more than six. As you might expect, admission is restricted to over 18s.

Why go?

If you have ever wondered what goes into the beer making process, this is the ideal opportunity to find out. Understanding the local heritage behind various facets of your holidays in Tenerife will always make your stay here a little more memorable. When you next sip Dorada beer, you will have a deeper appreciation as to what goes into the production process.

What you will learn

Without spoiling the tour, we can tell you that this was the first brewery on the island. During the Dorada Beer Brewery Tour, you will discover the fascinating history of this famous Tenerife beverage, which has been brewed on the island since 1939. Interestingly, due to the Second World War and a lack of machinery at the time, the beer did not actually become available to buy for another 10 years. Originally, the beer was produced at a site across the road from the current facility, which is far larger than the original, reflecting increased demand as the brand has grown in popularity over the years.

A guide will take you to different parts of the factory during the tour. You will see how the beer is made, what goes into the brewing process, as well as how the final product is bottled, stored and the ensuing recycling processes. Visitors learn that six brews are made daily, with each process lasting around 10 hours. After three weeks of fermentation, around 330,000 litres of beer are then poured into 700,000 bottles every day, ready for distribution to 13,000 outlets on all seven Canary Islands.

The brewery’s museum houses a wide range of different bottles that have been produced over the years, including those specially made for carnivals.

Of course no visit would be complete without getting to sample the island’s famous beer, and you can also purchase Dorada souvenirs as a keepsake. Cheers!

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  1. Jennie says:

    Thanks Meryl! Will DEFINATELY be taking Ken in this tour! Have done the local Ringwood Brewery tour in Hampshire near us too!!! Jennie 🙂

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