Top tips for a cheap holiday in Tenerife

7 top tips for a cheap holiday in Tenerife

We have all had that feeling when holidaying on a budget, that the level of compromise required means that we are somehow missing out. This doesn’t have to be the case at all, and with just a few simple tips, you can enjoy a really fabulous cheap holiday in Tenerife.

1. Smart booking

You can save money right from the booking stage, so choose your holiday provider carefully. For cheap holidays to Tenerife, look for deals and bargains. And book well in advance to save money.

2. Accommodation options

The type of holiday accommodation you choose can dramatically affect how much you spend whilst away, so think about your group and your spending habits very carefully. If you’re travelling as a family and envisage buying lots of drinks, snacks or things to keep the kids amused, your most cost-effective option may well be to go all-inclusive.

3. Off the beaten track

Whether you are looking for somewhere to eat, have a coffee or buy some souvenirs, if you veer off the beaten track and away from the main tourist hotspots you will almost invariably stumble upon alternatives with lower prices – and very often a warmer welcome. And there is a good chance that you will enjoy a far more authentic experience, if you find somewhere that is frequented by the shrewd locals.

4. Shopping

For a cheap holiday in Tenerife, avoid leaving souvenir shopping until the last minute at the airport. As with airports across the planet, the high rental and running costs of an airport shop are reflected in the prices of the items.

5. Buy tickets in advance

There are some superb visitor attractions on Tenerife jostling for your attention, so make sure your holiday money stretches as far as it can by trying to book tickets for attractions online and in advance. In many cases you will be rewarded with significant savings on the gate price. Look for tickets that offer a discount for combined attractions, such as visiting both Siam Park and Loro Parque.

6. Free activities

Don’t forget that many of Tenerife’s best attractions and experiences are free, so if you are enjoying a cheap holiday in Tenerife, why not discover a myriad of stunning beaches; or go walking and soak up the natural beauty of this island? Timing is important; for example many museums are free to the public on a Sunday if you want to immerse yourself in history on the cheap.

7. Use public transport

Public transport is inexpensive and plentiful on Tenerife, representing a really cost-effective means by which to get around the island. Consider buying a Bono card, which can be used by several people on a single ticket and could slash the cost of fares by up to 50 per cent. It also gives you discounts on trams, airport transfers and even entry to some museums. If you decide to hire a car, you can also save money, time and hassle by booking well in advance of your break.

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