A day trip to La Gomera : In the Footsteps of Columbus

A day trip to La Gomera: in the footsteps of Columbus

There is little chance that you will ever become bored during your Tenerife holiday, whether it’s your first time to the island or you have earned yourself frequent visitor status. If you like the idea of getting to know the Canary Islands in more detail during your stay, why not take a day trip to La Gomera?

Tenerife’s smaller sister

The island of La Gomera lies just over 20 miles off the coast of Tenerife, so makes for the ideal day trip. Those on Los Cristianos holidays won’t have far to go; there are daily sailings from here, reaching San Sebastian de la Gomera in 40 minutes by express ferry, or in just over an hour by regular ferry.

It is usually better to join an organised excursion rather than travelling around La Gomera under your own steam. Although the island is only 15 miles from east to west and 12 miles from north to south, its mountainous terrain can make it far harder to traverse than you might imagine, and calls for some skilled navigation. Plus, if you decide to take an organised tour, you will get to learn more about this fascinating island.

A day trip to La Gomera: Stepping back in time

Visitors who have taken a day trip to La Gomera from Tenerife often describe it as though they have stepped back in time. The island is far less developed than its larger neighbour, and rural life is still more commonplace than tourism.

The outstanding characteristic of La Gomera is its stunning natural beauty. Expect to find lush green valleys, verdant plunging mountains, rainforests and sparklingly clear waters. The Garajonay National Parkis a must-visit destination during any day trip to La Gomera. This UNESCO protected park is home to an extensive laurel forest and translucent water springs.

There are view points around every corner on La Gomera, but a particular highlight is the renowned lookout stop at Mirador de las Carboneras, offering jaw-dropping views of the Hermigua Valley, dotted with palm groves and the emerald hills beyond.

Traditional village life dominates when you step inside the rural hamlets. Friendly locals give a glimpse of existence on this, the second smallest Canary island. Indeed, some islanders still use a form of whistling language to communicate with each other. A visit to the village of Agulo is a must, often cited as being the most beautiful village on the island.

A famous visitor

La Gomera is renowned for its beauty, but its other claim to fame is that it was the last point of call for Christopher Columbus before he set sail on his epic voyage. Most visits to this diminutive island usually involve a stop off at the La Asuncion Church, believed to be the place where Columbus prayed before his iconic journey.

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