A guide to food and drink prices in Tenerife

The largest and most popular Canary Island, Tenerife, is renowned amongst Brits for being a well-priced destination. Holidaymakers can go on cheap holidays to Tenerife by booking affordable flights and hotels, but the great prices don’t stop there as food and drink prices are also renowned for being a bargain and are generally a lot cheaper than food and drink on the European continent. So if you are on the tightest of budgets then do not fear as Tenerife food is affordable and here we take you through the average prices for some of the most popular food and drink on the island.



If you are heading on a family holiday to Los Cristianos and you are seafood lovers then you are in luck as the town is home to El Cine restaurant. According to the Budget Traveller blog it costs around €7 for a plate of seafood such as hake fillets or whole octopus with papas arrugadas, a wrinkled potato that is a Canary Island speciality. Most seafood dishes at local restaurants cost from €7-€8 and are cheaper than international seafood restaurants located on the island.

Rancho Canario

A traditional Spanish food is Rancho Canario, a soup that contains chicken, pork, chick peas, thick noodles, potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Prices for this dish vary but can be found in some local restaurants for as little as €2, whilst the dish is a lot more expensive in more mainstream restaurants on the island.

Full English breakfast

Whilst Tenerife is full of traditional dishes, the British influence on the island means that popular meals in the UK can also be found in Tenerife resorts. One such meal is the Full English Breakfast as visitors can buy the meal from €1.90-€3.50 in most British bars as well as popular tourist bars on the island.

Pollo al salmorejo

This popular Spanish food is made up of marinated chicken that has been cooked with garlic, black pepper, salt, cumin, oregano, vinegar, olive oil, thyme and white wine. Guests visiting most Canarian restaurants will just have to fork out €7.95 for the delicious Pollo al salmorejo dish.

International dishes

If you are not a fan of Spanish food or just love the food you can get at home then you will be delighted to hear that meals such as fish and chips, lasagne, curry, spaghetti Bolognese and gammon generally cost from €7.50-€8.50, whilst steaks are slightly more expensive and will generally be priced at €9.50 in most restaurants across Tenerife.


Beer and Cider

Naturally local beer is cheaper than brands found in the UK with Tenerife’s Dorada, or Tropical, which is also from the Canary Islands, a pint is generally no more than €2. This can go as low as €1.50 during a bars happy hour. Brands found in the UK, like Guinness or Strongbow, are more expensive than local brands and the price for a pint is often around the €3 mark, which is still a huge decrease on the price in the UK.


Some Los Cristianos restaurants and other restaurants across Tenerife only charge €2 for a glass of wine, but you can also find cartons of wine from some supermarkets on the island for just €0.70.


Most spirits cost around the €3 mark, but like most bars and clubs on the island when happy hour arrives these prices drop to two euros. Be wary though as the measure in Tenerife is more like a double in the UK!

Soft drinks

An article on the Tenerife Information Centre reveals that soft drinks generally cost around €1.50. Soft drinks in Tenerife include all the well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7UP, Sprite and Fanta.

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