Carnival of Carnivals

Next month in the Canary Islands is all about drumming, hip-wiggling & smiling.

Carnival in the Canary Islands is an explosion of fun, music and colour, All over the archipelago, parades, dance troupes and outdoor parties fill the air with the joyous atmosphere of a carnival with a long history.

What really makes Canarian carnival celebrations stand out is the pleasant temperature of this winter tradition. Choose any costume you want and don’t worry about the cold; the warm nights mean you’ll be able to wear it.

Colourful galas – One of the highlights of carnival, is the gala night when the carnival queen is crowned. Candidates parade in stunning costumes made of feathers and rhinestones that have taken a whole year to make and can weigh hundreds of kilos. A spectacle of colour and shine.

Other events are the drumming and dance troupe street parades: Vast rhythmic celebrations of light, colour and fun that take over the streets  throughout carnival. Carnival is a street celebration. Everyone hits the streets in costume to dance and sing. All are welcome and all you need to bring to the party is a huge appetite for fun.

At the murgas, groups of friends add a touch of humour to events with funny and irreverent songs that reflect the famous local sense of humour. Murga troupes compete to sing the funniest and most entertaining songs at loud and bawdy galas.

A carnival for everyone – The Canary Islands are full of contrasts and diversity and carnival is the time to celebrate them. Each island has its own traditions and events ranging from drag queen galas to epic talcum powder fights.

The above is taken from hello canary islands
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