Brits are beating the January blues in Tenerife

Many people will be saving their pennies for the annual summer holiday away later this year, but a recent study has found that Brits are booking their getaways for the first month of the year, as the January blues set in.

It’s believed that four in every five people in the UK are looking to escape this January following freezing conditions and wet and windy weather.

The study, conducted by credit card company MBNA, showed an astonishing 82 per cent of Brits have already planned their January break, with Tenerife holidays sitting sixth in the top eight cheap holiday destinations this month.

Another thirty five per cent said they will be booking a city break for a change of scenery and climate opposed to what has been in the UK.

The study comes after #StopBlueMonday started trending on Twitter earlier this week, with people using the creation as a stimulant to look into a last-minute holiday.Visiting the Canary Island of Tenerife this week was the inventor of ‘Stop Blue Monday’, Cliff Arnall. The British psychologist looked to overhaul his theory that the third Monday in January is the most depressing of the year, based on a mathematical formula he published back in 2005.

Upon visiting the island, Arnall commented: “It’s impossible to feel depressed with so many bright, sunny days, brimming with the energy transmitted by the island’s volcanoes and its revitalising natural environment.”

Following the rise of people booking their cheap holidays to Tenerife for New Year celebrations in 2015, it seems that many are following in their footsteps and are attracted to the year-round sunshine that the island has to offer.

The Stop Blue Monday initiative has its own website for people to post reinforcing and uplifting messages and posters for those who are feeling down in the dumps this January.

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