Experience Canarian Folklore in Tenerife

Experience Canarian Folklore on your Tenerife holidays

If you are holidaying in Tenerife before the end of March 2016, make sure that you put a visit to the Canarias Folk Fest at the top of your agenda. This traditional Canarian festival offers an intriguing insight into the culture of the island, and will form a memorable part of anyone’s Tenerife holidays.

It is all happening down south

Normally, the resorts in the south of Tenerife tend to focus on beach holidays and entertainment, with visitors looking for cultural inspiration usually taking a trip further north. However, this is not the case with the Canarias Folk Fest as it brings a flavour of traditional Canary Island culture to the heart of some of the most popular tourist spots in the south of the island. The result? You can immerse yourself in the celebrations right on your doorstep.

Where to go

The Canarias Folk Fest is an annual event which usually starts at the beginning of December and continues until the end of March. The festival is a celebration of all things Canarian, with the principal emphasis being on traditional dancing, music, local crafts and cuisine.

Weekly events take place in three main resorts; Thursday evenings in Rambla Dionisio Gonzalez in Las Galletas; Friday evenings on the Golden Mile for those enjoying holidays to Playa de las Americas; and on a Saturday at the Plaza de La Pescadera and Paseo Maritimo in Los Cristianos. So there is plenty of activity throughout the major southern resorts.

What to expect

The Canarias Folk Fest will give you a true taste of the local music and dance that is endemic to Tenerife. You can see performances and displays that take their influences from Canarian culture, native Guanches traditions and even aspects originating from Latin America, Africa and Europe. Don’t miss the parade, which is a particular highlight of this event.

Music and dance is just one element of the celebrations, as the festival also showcases stalls displaying and selling traditional island crafts and cuisine. Locals dressed in typical Canarian costumes show off their wares and you can even take part in traditional craft workshops.

The Canarias Folk Fest is the ideal event for those who want to pick up authentic gifts and souvenirs, such as lace, ceramics and metalwork, or to sample home-made breads, sauces, cakes, wine and honey.

Only approved artisans who have official accreditation can showcase their creations at the festival, and anyone selling food or drink must use traditional ingredients and production methods. This ensures the event’s authenticity, so that you can be certain that you are purchasing items that reflect the true nature and identity of Tenerife.

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