The appeal of Tenerife holidays for older travellers

The appeal of Tenerife holidays for older travellers

Think of holidays to Tenerife, and there can be a tendency to consider it a destination that appeals predominantly to younger crowds. Although some of the larger resorts certainly place some emphasis on partying, the island also has a great deal to offer those of more mature years. A recently published survey has confirmed that this is the case.

Top winter destination

Proof that Tenerife holidays for older travellers are in demand comes courtesy of a survey exploring holiday trends over the winter period. The results indicate that the single largest age group amongst those intending to seek winter sunshine this year are the over 50s, with 71 per cent of those aged over 51 jetting overseas. The leading destination of choice is Tenerife, with almost a quarter in this age group planning to head to the island prior to Christmas.

Tenerife holidays for older travellers: four key attractions

Although Tenerife is an alluring holiday choice for the young and lively, it is just as tempting for older travellers. Tenerife holidays for older travellers, especially out of season, are an attractive proposition for a number of reasons.

1. Climate. The sun makes an appearance all year round which is especially appealing for older people who may suffer from health conditions that are often exacerbated by wet and cold winters. Joint problems, for example, are common in advancing age and almost invariably improve in warmer climates. So it is little wonder that older people seek winter sunshine in destinations such as Tenerife.

2. Accessibility. Getting around Tenerife is easy, and for those over the age of 60, there are numerous discounts available on Tenerife’s buses and other public transport. Tenerife has also made great strides in ensuring that it is an accessible island for all, with many of the hotels and resorts offering facilities for those with limited mobility. Several beaches, for example, provide facilities for visitors who may suffer from disabilities or use a wheelchair.

3. Health and Fitness. Even for the mature traveller who enjoys good health, Tenerife offers a wide range of activities to maintain fitness levels during a stay, including walking and cycling; spotting flora and fauna; and enjoying a keep fit class or yoga session on the beach.

4. Entertainment. Many events on the island are aimed at the more mature visitor, whether they are a tourist visiting the island or indeed an expat or resident. The late winter carnival in Santa Cruz, for example, hosts a special carnival queen competition for those over the age of 60, which proves to be enormous fun for anyone participating or watching the event.

Whether you are young or old, Tenerife warmly welcomes visitors of any age, at any time of year. The huge range of things to see and do on the island, together with a favourable all-year-round climate, ensures that visitors of every age and interest are catered for.

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