Experience Christmas holidays in Tenerife

Spending Christmas in another country can make a refreshing change, and if you want to escape the stresses of Christmas at home, a holiday in Tenerife over the festive period can make for a truly memorable experience. So what can you expect?

The weather
Although December is the coldest month of the year in Tenerife, with an average high of around 20 degrees Celsius, it’s far warmer than back home. If you want to escape wintery weather, Christmas holidays in Tenerife make for the ideal getaway. Forget about piling on the layers and turning the heating up, and instead enjoy sunny days on the beach.

A white Christmas
Having said that, if you want to glimpse snow to get you in the festive mood, take a trip up to Mount Teide. During winter, you stand a good chance of finding snow at the top of Tenerife’s most famous peak.

Christmas shopping
Tenerife is home to countless stores, so it’s the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping. Present opening doesn’t occur until January 6th in Tenerife, so you won’t find a mad rush in the shops in the run-up to Christmas, as you would back home.

Many villages and towns decorate the streets with lights, but if you really want to feel festive, head to the larger towns such as Santa Cruz for an authentic Christmas atmosphere. As well as carol singers and live bands, many towns put on Christmas programmes, events and parties.

Nativity scenes
In the run up to Christmas, discovering the unique nativity scenes, or Belen, that can be found all over Tenerife, is a real pleasure and highlights the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Many of the scenes are exquisitely detailed, and some have a variation on the traditional Christmas theme, such as depicting life at Christmas in a typical Canarian village.

Christmas feasting
In Tenerife, Christmas Eve is usually celebrated at home, so you may find that shops and restaurants close early. If you want to eat out, check opening hours in advance. There are plenty of places to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, but book ahead in order to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, try something different if you want a change from turkey, and head to a typical Canarian restaurant. Turron, a traditional Spanish cake, is symbolic of Christmas on the island, so you may wish to try some during your Christmas holidays in Tenerife.

Christmas holidays in Tenerife: endless entertainment
If you’re looking for a party, many of the bars and clubs on the island are geared towards celebrating the festive season. Head to those in the tourist areas, for plenty of options. Musicals are often performed at Christmas in Santa Cruz, and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra normally puts on a free concert on Christmas Day.

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