Shopping in La Laguna and Santa Cruz

La Laguna


In San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a World Heritage Site, located in the northwest of Tenerife a day of shopping is spent amongst gracious mansions, bars and terraces where traces of the past linger and traditional shops that complement this monumental and lively old town. The main pedestrian street, calle Obispo Rey Redondo has frequent outdoor performances and the old Carrera Street is lined with shops, shoe shops department stores like Wehbe, perfume shops, cafes and of course the ubiquitous banks.

The shops on calle Obispo Rey Redondo and Herradores
After passing the cathedral shoppers will find gift shops, bookshops and bakeries like La Princesa, full of sweet temptations, or the charming cafe inside the Hotel Aguere, opposite the Teatro Leal with its distinctive revolving door. Hot dog stands, art galleries and little shops selling tea and coffee nestle together. Calle Herradores is a mini planet of chic boutiques, with shops like Bimba y Lola and brands like Guess, Naf Naf and Lollipop. Alongside them are jewellers, watchmakers, and Borella, a classic menswear shop.

Vintage jewellery, Kelly bags and drinks in el pasaje La Conception
Shoppers on Calle San Agustin and calle Viana are guaranteed good finds and retro bargains. Tasty bites to eat can be found at stalls selling traditional food or small gourmet shops such as those around the Plaza de la Concepción. There is more here than just bars. It is also home to a delightful sixteenth century gallery, womenswear shops, places selling bohemian pieces, vintage jewellery and Kelly type bags, plus gastro-bars and cocktail bars with live music. Opposite is the Casa Albar, an ideal place to do some shopping and enjoy some tapas at its restaurant.


Santa Cruz

Shopping can be both enjoyable and rewarding in Santa Cruz.

Shopping in Calle del Castillo
It’s best to explore this busy pedestrianised street starting from where it meets with the Plaza de la Candelaria, next to the Plaza de España. Here there are several café terraces and a Zara on the corner. Walk up the street and you’ll find shops on both sides selling perfume, electronic goods, accessories, linen, tobacco, coffee, shoes, and so on. Zigzag your way up the street past Mango and H&M until you reach the Plaza Weyler.

Exclusive shops in Calle del Pilar
During the walk up the hill, shoppers will find not only jewellery shops and fantastic clothes shops but also high-end franchises and ice cream parlours. Around the corner of the cobbled street heading towards the secluded Plaza Weyler there are many other places selling trendy clothes. But for the most exclusive shops head towards Calle del Pillar with its top end, trendy and exclusive boutiques where brands such as Tous, Armani and Liu Jo are displayed in one shop window after another. Visit the nearby Parque Bulevar shopping centre and stop and have a drink in one of the many bars and eateries.

Artisan souvenirs in Alameda del Duque
It is worthwhile venturing into Suárez Guerra, a stylish shopping street and enjoying some tapas in the Callejón del Combate, then walking down the pedestrian streets of Viera y Clavijo and Pérez Galdós, home to some interesting, hidden away shops. Have a drink in El Águila or in the Plaza del Principe and move on to Bethencourt Alfonso to ensure a smooth final lap of your shopping spree having a look in the shoe shops, electronic stores and tobacconists. End the day with a snack at the famous café Atlántico and then pick up some artisan souvenirs in the Alameda del Duque.


Source: Hello Canary Islands
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