“The smile of the sun” – Canary Islands

An absorbing documentary about the experience of eleven Inuit people during their fascinating trip to the Canary Islands.

Four men, three women and four children between the ages of one and eight-years-old, are the main stars of this adventure on the seven Canary Islands. “The smile of the sun” is a documentary about how THE BEST CLIMATE IN THE WORLD influences the inhabitants of one of the areas with the worst climate in the world.

It was the first time they had travelled to such a far-away place and to one so different from their hamlet of just 300 inhabitants, located in the frozen expanses of Greenland, where the temperatures are extremely low almost all year round.

They are accompanied by Francesc Bailón, a Spanish anthropologist, an expert in Inuit culture, with whom they have a very close relationship due to his continuous trips to Kulusuk. The group arrived in the islands with the best climate in the world to live situations they’d never experienced before and to discover a friendly natural environment, radically different to the bitterly cold Arctic ice: to feel the caressing breeze on their faces, to touch and walk barefoot on the warm sand of the beach, to be caressed by the sea waves or, for the very first time, discover plant species such as palms and different trees forming forests, along with animals such as camels and lizards… A myriad of experiences they will never forget, recorded here on this documentary forever, in which we can see their reactions, sometimes of great surprise, and the intense emotions reflected in their faces and, above all, in their SMILES.

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