Someone has to be lucky

As I shopped in my local town everyone is getting excited and talking about El Gordo, the ‘Fat One’ the world’s biggest lottery. I decided to buy a ticket (or part of one) in order to stand a chance at the draw which is 22nd December.

For anyone who doesn’t know, El Gordo is the oldest and biggest lottery in the world. It is run by the Spanish Government and was first played in 1812. It is estimated that 98% of Spaniards buy a ticket as the odds of winning are roughly one in three and to top that cash prizes are exempt from tax if the winner is a resident of Spain. Because of the huge number of prizes to be won, each draw takes hours and is broadcast live on TV and radio with much pomp and ceremony.

Despite the great odds of winning, I feel my chances are about as likely as me becoming a top athlete or running a marathon still, if you’re not in it you can’t win it.  I also thought I would take part in El Niño which will be drawn on 6, January, nothing like living in hope eh!!


For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog  
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2 Responses to Someone has to be lucky

  1. We have often considered buying tickets but don’t because we may not be in Tenerife when the draw is made. Is there a website to read the numbers after they are drawn and is there a time limit to collect the winnings? (Asks she…… a flicker of hope!)

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