Five Michelin stars shine in the gastronomic firmament of Tenerife

The cuisine of the island is becoming one of its main tourist attractions

gastronomia_restaurante_cofradia_pescadores_puerto of cruz_IMG_9542

The 2016 edition of the prestigious Michelin Guide has again recognized the extraordinary quality of the cuisine of Tenerife by awarding stars to five restaurants on the island. The latest addition to the list is El Rincon de Juan Carlos. The MB and Kabuki restaurants, both at the Abama Resort in Guia de Isora keep the stars they already had, (two and one, respectively), and Kazan Santa Cruz de Tenerife retains the star it received last year.

This makes Tenerife the only Canary Island with Michelin stars thanks to a cuisine that has managed to combine traditional approaches with innovative ideas.

An original and diverse cuisine

gastronomia_hotel_bahia the duque_adeje_IMG_6756One of the great hallmarks of Tenerife’s cuisine consists of products that stand out for their freshness. Both fish and meats, and of course, vegetables, resulting in delicious dishes with leading players such as potatoes, bananas or honey.

Tenerife’s wines also deserve special mention. The volcanic origin of the island has meant that are original and different wines produced in some cases in unlikely conditions for the terrain or weather.These characteristics can be seen in the five denominations of origin certified in Tenerife: Abona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de Güímar and La Orotava Valley.



Extract from Turismo de Tenerife


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