Costa Adeje – the future challenges

Costa Adeje’s tourism brand benefits all

Rodríguez Fraga: “The challenge for Costa Adeje is to strengthen and maintain its prime position”


The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, speaking to an assembly gathered to discuss the future challenges for Costa Adeje, said the zone’s main challenge was to “strengthen and maintain the position it currently enjoys. “Maintain the dynamism which sees the introduction of new tourism products as part of the continuous renovation that is part of the market”.

The mayor was speaking at the Hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace in one of a series of conferences organised by Tribuna Forum. There were over 150 members of the public present as well as the mayors of Guía de Isora and Arona, Pedro Martín and José Julián Mena, Adeje councillors and representatives from the business sector.

Introducing the Adeje mayor, Pedro Martín, paid tribute to his ability to “take the income from the tourism sector and distribute it in such as way as to benefit the society in general. Miguel (Rodríguez Fraga) has manage to widen the frontiers for his residents from social and economic points of view”, he said. He added that given his experience and positions held he could have had his pick of any number of public positions in the Canary Island but had chosen to stay in Adeje “in his home town”, adding that “the Canarias loss is Adeje’s gain, as they have the best mayor in the borough’s history”.

During his address the Adeje mayor outlined the main challenges facing the borough if it wants to remain competitive within the tourist sector and what lines of action needed to be taken. He detailed the work already under way in the repositioning of the Costa Adeje brand, “which is generating new products as well as renovating existing ones…projects such as the Victoria, Barceló and Hard Rock hotels which follow a progression thread in the tourist destination.”

Stability and safety were other elements attracting new investment into the destination and the mayor said the he was interested in reinforcing the value of the brand from this point of view as well as in attracting potential investors. The quality of the service in the sector was another value-adding factor, he said, “with merit to our workers who have adapted to meet the changing situations . We have to recognise how this adds to our value and our competitiveness.” The borough has been active in promoting training among workers in tourism and reminding businesses that the “human capital is how we will develop projects”. He made particular reference to the university campus in Adeje which “allows our young people get the training they need to enter directly into the work force in relevant positions”.

The positive effects of tourism for the local population was also referred to. “Residents see that tourism is a positive thing and has brought wealth to the borough. Social exchanges has also enriched Adeje…in summing up, the theme at the centre of all this is the person: the tourist is a person who comes here to realise a dream holiday and the workers who serve that tourist are also persons with dreams and who see the benefits of tourism, that tourism can mean the distribution of wealth and for that reason each and every one of us works to be more competitive and offer better quality”.

Finishing his address mayor Rodríguez Fraga stated his conviction that “tourism is of great value and offers a great opportunity to promote peace in the 21st century. It’s a tool that promotes exchanges of culture and knowledge. There is more to tourism than economic benefits, there are human benefits too”.

Following the mayor’s address the questions from the floor ranged from those wanting to talk about all-inclusive tourism and the possibility of Adeje and Arona working together in tourism promotions among other things.


Source: Ayuntamiento Adeje

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