Adeje and Arona to tackle taxi fraud

Adeje, Arona and the Cabildo draw up a united transport plan

The Adeje and Arona Transport Councillors Andres Perez Ramos and Leopoldo Diaz and representatives from the Cabildo, Miguel Becerra and Manuel Ortega met earlier this week to look at a number of issues of mutual importance in the transport sector, including the image of the taxi industry.

Perez Ramos said, “The organisations are co-ordinating a plan to meet head on the problems identified in the taxi industry, particularly fraudulent practices, in tourist zones”. Regarding the latter, “we are looking to introduce measures to deal with irregular situations which affect the industry and damage the image of Tenerife. We have to work together in a coordinated manner to, for instance, step up vigilance of suspicious activities of persons who offer to take passengers as well as proper fare systems, etc.”

The importance of working across boroughs in this regard was stressed, given that fraudulent practises operate in both zones and the huge importance that both councils place on stamping out any behaviour that would damage the main industry of Adeje and Arona – namely tourism.

“Fraud in the taxi industry is a problem that directly affects our main economic engine,” repeated Councillor Pérez Ramos.

Source:Adeje Council

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