Help for hotels to improve their Wi-Fi

The new agreement will target small and medium establishments in the sector

The Adeje council and the UPTA (the professional and autonomous workers union) have come to an agreement offering information to business professionals in the hotel sector (and others in related businesses) who wish to introduce or improve their Wi-Fi offer to clients via help from

The Adeje tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira and the councillor for economic development Manuel Méndez along with UPTA Canarias president César Garcí referred to the agreement as an excellent opportunity for small and medium players in the sector, “such as rural hostels and hotels, given that the big hotels already have relevant services in place”.

Businesses and professionals in the sector have until November 15th to seek back-up and assistance in this field, to introduce or improve their Wi-Fi service.  “We are working to help small and medium hotel owners who do not have the requisite tools to take full advantage of the technology on offer and we are anxious that the information is available via the council’s businesses area to help improvements in something so important in tourism today”, said Moreira.

The UPTA president further explained that for smaller companies who wished to avail of a national service, they often didn’t have the tools to do so, and this covenant would help them fulfill the necessary requirements – in other words overcome that problem. “We (UPTA and the Adeje council) are on hand to assess each application and offer help to those who need it”.  He outlined that there was money available through the national programme of between 6 and 25 thousand euro depending in the project in question.

More information via the Adeje Impulsa programme, on the council’s webpage ( or from UPTA Canarias.

Source: Adeje Council

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