“Walking Anaga” six routes to discover the wonderful corners of the Biosphere Reserve

The City of Santa Cruz in partnership with Cepsa, offer the second edition of “Anaga walk”, a programme of guided tours that aims to show wonders of the Biosphere Reserve Massif Anaga.

The first of six planned walks is “In Search of Antequera”, to be held this Saturday, October 3rd.

“Walk Anaga” include insurance, interpreter and guide, transport from Santa Cruz and those interested should contact phone 922970618 or email info@santacruzsostenible.com

As indicated by the Councillor for Accessibility, Environment and Health, Carlos Correa, “We have taken up these six magnificent walks after the success of last year, with the aim of further revealing the many charms of this wonder of nature, the Anaga Mountains, declared Biosphere Reserve last June.” “There are routes of low, medium, and high difficulty, which are open to practically everyone who may wish to venture into these unique locations.


Saturday, October 3, “In Search of Antequera” distance 5 kilometres, difficulty low, with easy descent (without risk of dizziness), a route between the peaks of Anaga to the beach of Antequera via the Barranco de Ijuana and Las Casillas.

October 10, “Forest of Clouds”, 5.8 kilometres and medium difficulty, travel the stretch between Ensillada and Chamorga, to the Natural Reserve of the Pijaral and Cabezo de Tejo Miraderos and Vista Las Palmas, two of the most outstanding viewpoints of Anaga.

“Following the Galleries” will take place on October 31, a route of high difficulty because of its length, 11.5 kilometres and from Roque Negro to the summit and from Catalanes hasta la Degollada de La Fortaleza. The two main reservoirs that supplied water to Santa Cruz.

On November 14 “A Bird’s Eye View”  7.6 kilometres, covers the stretch between Pico del Inglés and Taborno. It is a spectacular path along the spine on which Taborno sits. One of the most breath-taking panoramas of the island. It is not recommended to those who may suffer from vertigo.

On November 28 “On the Road”, 6 kilometres, travel down between Taganana and the beach of Roque de las Bodegas, through a five centuries old forest of laurel and discover the secrets of the Nature Reserve.

December 12 “The sound of water” will close this second edition of “Anaga Walks” a walk of medium difficulty that presents several routes along 7.4 km between Afur and Taganana through Tamadiste, linking the waters of the ocean with the barranco, with stunning views over the northern coast of the island.

Source : Strolling through Santa Cruz

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