Arona is committed to “promote and strengthen” art in the town

On 27th September, the City Council opened a painting exhibition by twelve artists born or resident in the town, which will occupy the walls of the town hall until November 30th. The artists, some originating from other European or American countries, includes various influences, and different techniques such as oil on canvas, acrylic on papier mache, mixed media and watercolour.

Artists from Arona whose work will be in the Culture Centre until 30 November, are Heriberto Tapia, Yamil Omar Walls, Carlo Forte, Juan Carlos Sánchez Lezcano, Juan Martín Sánchez, Sonia Delgado, José Manuel Encinoso Reverón, Juan Antonio Correa Reverón, Sergio Linares Velasco, Maijo González Marrero, Ariam Lázaro Pérez Barrios o André Bagemihl.

Arona is a city of many cultures and backgrounds, which integrate and enrich our society.

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