Super Blood Moon eclipse September 28

The Harvest Moon, in the northern hemisphere, is the full moon nearest to the September equinox. A total lunar eclipse is known by many as a blood moon, as the moon appears to turn red in the sky.  This blood moon will also be a Supermoon, at one of its closest points of orbit to the earth.

Moon image captured in the Canary Islands. Photo Nacho González

Moon image captured in the Canary Islands. Photo Nacho González

The skies over the Canary Islands are some of the clearest and cleanest in the world making this the perfect location to witness a total eclipse of the moon, this year coinciding with the largest full moon in recent years. Weather allowing, this year we will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. You won’t see another equal to this before 2033.

Perhaps this Sunday (and early hours of Monday morning) might be the perfect night for an after midnight picnic in Gran Canaria´s great outdoors…?

This total lunar eclipse will be broadcast to the whole world through the Internet from the islands of La Palma and Fuerteventura, and the peaks of Tenerife, all designated as Starlight Reserves by the Turismo de Canarias, Canary Islands Tourism Board.

total moon eclipseIn addition to the web stream there are plans to record and broadcast another phenomenon: the shadow of Teide cast on to the full moon itself, a unique spectacle.

The total eclipse of the Superluna will be broadcast live via the promotional website from the Canary Islands and the platform, which will provide free access for the various television and digital media who also want to cover the event.

The eclipse will happen on the morning of Monday September 28 and it is particularly important because, on the one hand, it is the final event in a tetrad-four sequence of total moon eclipses that began in April 2014, and it is the only one visible from Europe, as well as that, because it’s a supermoon, and the largest observable in the last four years.


At 03.11 on 28 September (04.11 hours in the Spanish mainland) the totality phase of the eclipse will begin, ending at 04.23 having lasted for more than an hour (1 hour and 12 minutes).

The night before, between 19:30 and 20:00 on 27 September the sunset and super moon alignment will cast the shadow of Teide on to the moon. This is to be recorded and then retransmitted as part of the eclipse coverage between 03.00 and 03.30 hours GMT.

Source Canary News
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