Canary Islands offer emergency assistance in five languages


The Ministry of Territorial Policy, Sustainability and Emergency Canary Islands Government, head of the Coordinating Centre of Emergency and Security (CECOES) 1-1-2, offers the services of multilingual staff to offer assistance in emergencies.

Last year the service that is carried out in five languages (Castilian, English, German, French and Italian), recorded more than 9,000 calls in languages other than Spanish, the majority, almost 67% were in English, while 21.6% were in German.

Within the concept of ‘Global Emergency Response’, they carried out specific campaigns in the tourism sector. Under the slogan “Safe Holiday”, brochures in several languages and the implementation of the “early warning” system provide information to the consular offices, hotel associations, tour operators, travel agencies, etc., about weather and wildfire risk alerts. The system also provides information and self-protection advice to tourists who are in the archipelago at the time. In this way, the system can monitor the movements or excursions of tourists and ensure as far as possible security conditions.

With the creation of the profile @112canarias in 2012 on Twitter, the communication policy to the tourism sector strengthened further, when the decision to translate the messages disseminated in the social network into English and German was adopted.

Likewise in order to instil in people the culture of prevention the agency has made videos with tips for self-protection in different languages, available on the website of the Canary Islands Government, as well as information campaigns “Risk 0” that offers advice via Twitter before undertaking outdoor activities such as in the sea, or mountains.

In order for the Canarian Government to give the best information to both residents and tourists, FRESS allows connection to the 1-1-2 operating room providing medical data, geolocation and upload images. App FRESS112 is an application for smartphones that allows users of IOS and android phones, (and will gradually be extended to other platforms). It provides data relevant to your medical history and sends your location when making a call in an emergency. Interactivity with 1-1-2 CECOES is in various languages since the system translates the text messages automatically to Spanish, which is an advantage for the millions of tourists who holiday in the Canary Islands, and may find themselves in an emergency situation and require immediate assistance.

Source: Gobierno de Canarias

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