Los Abrigos celebrates in honour of San Blas and the Virgen del Carmen

From 5th to 13th September, the coastal village of Los Abrigos celebrates its festivities in honour of San Blas and the Virgen del Carmen.

The programme is

  • Saturday 5th Baile de Taifa from 20.30 in the Plaza, with performances by Los Chasneros and Pepe Benavente, among others.
  • Sunday 6th The III Barquera Pilgrimage will disembark after Mass, from la plaza Agua Dulce to the harbour. There will be music throughout the day.
  • Wednesday 9th from 20.00 choosing the child queen of the fiesta.
  • Thursday 10 at 21.00, the adult queen will be chosen.
  • Friday 11th the Young Talent event
  • Saturday 12th, after sung Mass, the procession will proceed to the boat with San Blas, Virgen del Carmen, Brother Pedro and San Blasito. Finally, the traditional fireworks display.
  • Sunday 13th Mass and the placing of a wreath at the pier, traditional games, and the ‘White Night’ from 21.00.
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