Summer Photo Contest – El Teide

All seasons have their special charm: the smell of wet leaves in autumn, white snow in winter, spring the explosion of colour and warmth, and summer …


Summer, with its holidays, long sunny days and pleasant temperatures at all hours. How could it be otherwise, in Tenerife the summer invites you to climb Teide, to enjoy its volcanic landscapes and starry nights and take pictures as if there were no tomorrow.

Are you one of those who cannot resist the temptations of summer, to immortalize those fun moments on Teide, shared in the best company? If the answer is yes, we are delighted. You are in the right place. From August 15 until September 30th, you can participate in the second edition of our summer photo contest: #SummerTeide2.

The prize for winning the II photography competition with the best summer photo – is a classic. It is the experience of Teide in Tenerife, Priceless. Unmatched. Magic. Sublime…

The winner will be the photograph voted the best summer photo of Teide, and the winner will enjoy an experience to watch the sun set and stargaze in our exclusive  Sunset and Stars experience.

How to participate

If you have already participated in one of our photo contests, directly upload your photo, after reading the legal jargon. If this is the first time you are participating in one of our contests, see below.

Are you over 18? Yes? Great because to participate you must be.

We have two different areas:

  • Nomination: August 15 at 0:00 until September 15 at 23:59.
  • Popular Vote: August 15 at 0:00 am (if you are someone who goes crazy voting you will have to wait for someone to upload the first picture of the summer) until September 30 at 23:59.

Photographs submitted can receive vote for two weeks after the closing date of the competition.

  • You can participate in this summer photo contest with 1 photo per day (option designed for the ambitious and being ambitious is not bad …)
  • The jury (your friends, family, and the general public) may vote daily for their favourite photographs.

If you are ready to participate in the photo contest # SummerTeide2 follow the link to the Form

Other ways to participate

Access our official Facebook page  from a desktop or laptop, look for the tab #SummerTeide2.

If you want to participate in this photo contest from a Smartphone or tablet, go directly to the photo competition here .

In mid-October the winners name will be published. Good luck!

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