First day at school

Last September I posted She started School Today.  Well, it’s that time of year again and the poem below perfectly sums up how most parents feel. Be warned you may need a tissue.

Image /parenting with understanding

Dear Teacher,

I know you’re rather busy, first day back, there’s just no time,
a whole new class of little ones and this one here is mine.
I’m sure you have things covered and have done this lots before,
but my boy is very little, he hasn’t long turned four.

In his uniform this morning, he looked so tall and steady,
but now beside your great big school I’m not quite sure he’s ready.
Do you help them eat their lunch? Are you quick to soothe their fears?
And if he falls and hurts his knee will someone dry his tears?

And what if no-one plays with him? What if someone’s mean?
What if two kids have a fight and he’s caught in between?
You’re right, I have to leave now. It’s time for him to go
I’m sure he’ll learn so much from you, things that I don’t know.

Yes, I’m sure they settle quickly, that he’s fine now without me,
I know he has to go to school It’s just so fast you see
It seems like just a blink ago I first held him in my arms,
it’s been my job to love, to teach, to keep him safe from harm.

So, when I wave goodbye in a moment and he turns to walk inside,
forgive me if I crumple into tears of loss and pride.
I know as I give him one more kiss and watch him walk away,
that he’ll never again be wholly mine as he was before today.


Are you blubbing yet? If not the teachers reply tomorrow should definitely set you off…

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