Cabildo set new rules for Guachinches

We all have our favourite guachinches, you know those barns, garages, private gardens where you can sample homemade food and try out the wine that is made on the premises.

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Up to now, this has been hit and miss as to whether or not the establishment is legal and what you are getting is a genuine product or some plonk bought in a carton from the local supermarket.

At a recent meeting, the Minister of Agriculture, Jesus Morales Martinez, and the Director of the ICCA, Jose Diaz Flores, agreed to officially promote these establishments providing they met specific standards for quality and are legally registered.

The idea is that, to comply with the council rules of use, the guachinches must request the council’s permission every year to temporarily market their homegrown wine. Registration will be compulsory and once done a V logo will be awarded. In addition to seeing the brand name the consumer can see the awarded V logo, and will know if it is a real and legal guachinche. Once approval has been reached between the various parties the guachinches and winemakers can open for six months.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Cabildo and the director of ICCA were pleased to reach this agreement and this first meeting laid the foundations for a new and closer relationship and cooperation between the two administrations. In this sense, they will meet again to address other issues of concern to both parties, regarding food products of the Canaries.




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