Costa Magallanes – new coastal tourism brand for Granadilla

Bay of La Tejita, where Ferdinand Magellan anchored commanded five ships. / GIVES

Granadilla de Abona released a new symbol of identity with which it will seek to strengthen its tourism brand abroad: ‘Costa Magallanes’ Is a name that commemorates the famous Portuguese navigator who in 1519 landed in El Medano.

The new label was announced to newspapers yesterday by the Councillor for Tourism, Maria Luz Fernandez and will be officially unveiled at the next edition of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur). The Council aims to show the full potential the municipality has to offer visitors along its 16 kilometres of coast and inland areas.

“We are creating a tourism product that encompasses a wide range of activities including culture, education, sports, history, etc. We are not a part of the island that is crowded by tourists, we don´t have a large hotel base, and we do not want to become massive but we do have a lot of quality tourism. El Medano has opened up to tourism, but still manages to keep the essence of a fishing village, and will continue to do so in the future, said the Councillor.

Fernandez is clear that what tourists are looking for when they arrive in El Medano is, above all, rest. “We have a large number of elite windsurfing athletes who go to bed at 10pm and get up at 6am in the morning to catch waves. Then there are the families who know they can enjoy a beer in the square while keeping an eye on children playing on the beach “she said.

As well as wind sports being one of the great attractions of the town, under the name Costa Magellan, Granadilla also seeks to strengthen the knowledge of other areas: “We have a network of stunning trails and a wide range of rural hotels that once known, people usually visit again. We have very high repetition rates, so our work should continue to focus on customer loyalty. That is one of the keys”.

The official presentation of Costa Magallanes, which in practice means a new tourism product, is one of the developments that will fly the flag of the Canary Islands in the next edition of Fitur, considered the most important European tourism fair which will be be held in Madrid between 20 and 24 January 2016.

First round the world boat

Granadilla, and the region of Chasna, entered world history on October 3, 1519, when five ships commanded by the Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan, accompanied by the Spanish Juan Sebastian Elcano, anchored in the bay of El Medano. This expedition, which sought to find a new spice route, made the first world tour by boat. The historical fact was described by the official chronicler of the trip, the Italian Antonio Pigafetta, one of the 18 sailors who returned to Spain after being around the World for the first time.

Pigafetta, explorer and geographer, reported the brief stopover in Tenerife in his book Relazione Viaggio primo intorno al mondo, published in Venice in 1536: “We start from San Lucar on September 20, heading southwest, and on 26th came to a Canary Islands, called Tenerife. We hiked there for three days to find a suitable place to procure water and firewood. Then we find a port, called Monte Rosso (Red Mountain), where we spent two days … “

Source: Diario de Avisos


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