Prestigio Y Tradicion

It is amazing how despite Tenerife being so small, almost every day you learn something new.

Today I saw an advert for end of stock wine being sold from as little as €1,50 to €5,00. As readers know I don’t drink but I have several friends that do, so the announcement immediately caught my interest.


I would also be interested to see the other items they stock. These are the sort of things I love, traditional produce including cheeses, hams and pates as well as sweet things, chocolates, jams and honeys. You can order online from their website and they will ship to other parts of Tenerife, even the other Canary Islands. However as they are based in Las Chafiras, I will be making a visit, the shop is open from 10.00 – 18.00.

Below is their mission statement, which is why I decided to tell you about them, because as you know I like people who not only help themselves but help others too. And an enjoyable way that readers of this Tenerife blog can help this company is to go to one of their wine tastings. The next is on Friday afternoon from 1.00 – 4.00 so don´t call me then, I will be busy 


Our mission is to help the small artisans and the family companies to promote the traditional and regional products that make the gastronomic and oenologic variety of our country and so contribute to avoid their disappearance.

How do we guarantee the authenticity and the quality of our selected products? Our expert wine taster takes care to look, to discover, and to test each of the products by valuing the traditional methods of elaboration.

Our suppliers are craftsmen and family companies who continue to work to perpetuate the expertise and know-how of their ancestors. These hand-made products receive care, attention, love and permeate positive energies and feelings of satisfaction for produce well made. It is the secret ingredients, which differentiate them from industrial and mass produced products, and upon tasting, our palates know, recognize and appreciate them.

We cannot allow these traditions to be lost.

We invite you to support the producers and craftsmen who are in danger of disappearing due to the invasion of industrial products


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