New Regulations for Driving with Children in Force from October

Regulations for driving with children

The regulations for driving a vehicle with children as passengers is about to change from 1 October.

The new rules simplify the existing law, but are you aware of the current legislation regarding travelling with children in your car and other vehicles?

Read on to find out about the four main points and latest changes that could affect you, your family and your child’s safety.

Height regulations

Any child under the height of 1m 35cm must sit in the back of the car. They must not sit in the front of the car whilst an adult is driving until they are taller than 1m 35cm, usually around the age of 12. The only exception is if all the back seats are occupied by children in car seats. In this case, a minor can sit in the front of the vehicle, but only in a legal and safety regulation certified seat appropriate for his or her age, weight and height.

Assemble child seats according to manufacturer’s instructions

It is not obligatory to assemble a child’s car seat in one direction or another. They can face frontwards or in the opposite direction. However, you must assemble the seat in the way that has been instructed by the manufacturer. The general rule is that babies and children more or less up to the age of four, or 18kg in weight, should sit in a rearward-facing seat, but this is not obligatory. The only exception is if the seat is apt for mounting in the front passenger seat and the airbag hasn’t been deactivated. In this instance, it is prohibited to set the chair up so that it faces the front windscreen.

Rules for travelling in a taxi

Children are allowed to travel in the back of a taxi without a child-restraint system or car seat provided that the taxi is only driving around an urban or city area.

In vehicles of more than nine seats

In a vehicle of nine passenger seats or more, the driver is obliged to inform those travelling with him of the legal requirement to fasten their seatbelts. This should be done via signs, pictures or audio-visual means, so that the information is visible from the position of each seat.


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