Launch of 7 tourist packages on stars and volcanoes


The Cabildo, through Tourism of Tenerife, has recently completed the European project   ‘EUSky Route’ after more than eighteen months of work. This major initiative has now created seven packages for tourist and visitors to enjoy the huge options Tenerife offers in the area of Volcanoes and Stars.

The packages combine different activities. For example, you can visit the Teide Observatories then go for a hike in the National Park and finish the day ascending the cable car. Another consists of a visit to the Laguna Heritage Site with entrance to the Museum of Science and the Cosmos. The value of these packages (found at ) is that they can be undertaken by travellers on their own or by companies that offer expert guides and other services. There are also options that will favour tour operators and their customers.

Along with the packages, other notable achievements of the project are the analysis of the resources of the island linked to astro or the creation of platforms for specific training for entrepreneurs in this field.

In addition to the island, there are five other partner organisations in the initiative from Valencia, Poland, Italy (two members), Bulgaria, and Greece. Route EUSky has been funded by the European Commission and the grant has been carried out by the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry of the Commission.  Source: Diario de Tenerife

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