How to save money in Tenerife

When my friend Adam, suggested we should go for a meal but before booking I should join Groupon I was sceptical. I have never been the sort to collect coupons.  If on the odd occasion I have had a discount or promo code and tried to use it, it rarely works. Nevertheless, based on his say so I found the website and joined.

As it turns out the Spanish site is excellent, each day I receive an email, just the one so not inundated, telling me of a new special offer, these range from places to eat, beauty treatments, courses, work on the car and things to do. Each day there seem to be more things available in Tenerife.

As an example, you can have an eight course tasting menu that includes starter, main and dessert for two people plus a bottle of red wine, for €49,90 per couple. This is at a nice restaurant in La Camella and will save you €85.10.

There are other restaurants including meals in Santa Cruz for two people with starters, mixed grill, breads and wine from as little as €22.90 and pizzas and pastas in Granadilla at a 50% discount.

This isn’t just a site for residents, if you are a tourist you can get huge discounts off things to do while you are on holiday. The Medieval dinner show at the Castle in San Miguel is currently on offer for two from €44.90 instead of €72. Alternatively, two people can fly over the sea for around an hour in Costa Adeje, knowing the Parascending has cost them less than €40 instead of the usual €70.

There are great savings for families, one of the options I noticed was to Pueblo Chico where a family of 2 adults and 2 children plus tasting potatoes with mojo sauce, 2 glasses of wine and 2 juices or soft drinks for € 14.90 instead of €43 savings like that are not to be sniffed at as this is a great place as mentioned in my other Tenerife blog.

Some of the offers have limited timeframes like the €5,000 off a new car, but others last for 6 months from the date of purchase.  So I recommend before purchasing anything, check out the website you may be pleasantly surprised,  I was.


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