A Sunny Sunday with Spencer Robson

I told you a couple of weeks ago on my other Tenerife blog that we enjoy going out with friends for a couple of drinks and some live entertainment on a Sunday afternoon.

This week we were back at the Waterfall. I didn´t take the camera because the entertainment was to be an impersonator (yeah we have all seen them 😦 ) and double whammy he also did a Tom Jones show. I will also tell you what I used to think about Sir Tom when he was in his prime although I have changed my mind as we have both aged. But that isn´t scheduled to hit a screen near you for another couple of weeks.

To cut to the chase, we joined our friends Al (a Welshman) and Lesley and settled down. Before the show started we had agreed that we were going to leave early because it was particularly hot and we didn´t want to leave the dogs too long. (Al and Les have several too).

A man at the table behind us heard the Cardiff accent; he was also originally from Cardiff and asked if we had seen Spencer before. “No! Then you are in for a treat,” he said. It turned out this was Shaun Donovan biker, adventurer, and published author of several travel books. I have just got to talk some more to this fascinating man as he has so many unbelievable tales to tell.

Then an unassuming looking person started setting up and between ourselves, we decided that someone of his stature would never have a voice as big as Tom’s.

11147051_10153514636970695_1346317263481716315_nThe show started and we stopped talking, closed our now gaping jaws and just listened. Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, one of my favourites, Sammy Davis Jr, Robbie Williams the list just went on. I have attached the only video I can find that gives you a tiny taste of what Spencer does.

Needless to say, after the first half of the show we were truly impressed. And were glad that the table next to us had left. I find it rude when there are talented people working to please the crowd and all the audience do is talk across them. I want to say if you are not listening why don’t you leave. (But probably not that politely). So now to the Tom Tribute. There is only one thing anyone could possibly say ….

“Wow! What a voice.”

As the whole of Tenerife knows, Tom is due here on 28th August, but we had a special audience with him on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Golf del Sur. We didn´t leave early we stayed until the last song was sung, and shouted for more.

There are some excellent entertainers on the island but this was the BEST I have seen in a long time.  I appreciate I can be critical, if an act is good I will say so and if you are an artist you will know if I like you. However, if you get a chance to see Spencer Robson, take it, he isn´t on the island that often as he does a lot of entertaining on the cruises but if you do see him listed at a venue make a special effort to see his show, you won’t be disappointed.

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One Response to A Sunny Sunday with Spencer Robson

  1. patricia clancy says:

    Thanks for your so positive comments. I too hate people who talk whilst an entertainer is working, especially someone with quality like Spencer Robson

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