Arona Council bans scooters and electric bicycles on walkways


0_33923_1Arona City Council has banned the use of electric bikes and “scooters” on walkways.

These vehicles rented for tourism purposes have been responsible for numerous complaints and various accidents and abuses, and people, including those with disabilities, have been injured. The Security Council, Juan Sebastian Roque, took this decision at the beginning of its mandate “since both the Road Safety Act, and the Rules of the road and the Municipal Traffic pointed out that these electric vehicles could not travel on pedestrian areas.

The local police in Arona are responsible for ensuring compliance with this measure and the mayor noted that they had “previously met with companies that rented these vehicles, to inform them of our decision and its legal basis. In two weeks we have managed to solve this problem.” The measure does not affect people with disabilities, who are still able to use electric vehicles.

The mayor, José Julián Mena stresses, “We are working to providing solutions to the demands of the public. In little more than a month, we have dedicated 100% to meet the situation and give solutions to many pending issues.

The Security Council adds that for over a year, they have received many complaints about this issue, with an average of ten every day. We have reports of dozens of accidents on the boardwalks, with shock and outrage to people with visual and hearing disabilities, which is why one of our first steps in the area has been to intervene and regulate this activity.

These controls have led to the seizure of about 120 scooters, and the move to another location or change of activity by the twelve companies that rented this type of scooters and electric bicycles.

This part is legal so rather than mis-quote I have given my own interpretation with the help of Google.

Bylaw The Municipal Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic and Road Safety of the City of Arona (2008) states in Article 15 that “those who use skateboards, skates or similar devices, skates with combustion engine or electric bicycle, tricycles or similar, may not travel on the road, except in the case of areas, roads or parts thereof that are especially intended for them …. The Council may limit the movement of these vehicles in the previous paragraph, based on the zoning only to pedestrians. ”

Original published by Arona Org. Date last modified Monday August 10, 2015
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