Los Abrigos ‘Beer and Tapas’ Festival

There has been lots of excited discussion on social networks about the forthcoming Beer and Tapas Festival in Los Abrigos. This used to be a low-key kinda festival but after five previously successful events, number six, to be held on Saturday, looks set to be equally popular.

For 12 hours the normally sleepy fishing village, will be partying and it is hardly surprising that tourists as well as local residents will be flocking to the Paseo Maritimo. The harbour will be lined with stands and kiosks offering beer, wine, soft drinks and tapas for just €1 a portion.

Around the Church Square, there will be stalls displaying crafts and it is all set to live music, which adds to the festive atmosphere.

Last year I attended the Beer and Tapas Festival with my OH as mentioned in my other Tenerife blog, it was a fun day, so don’t be shy let yourself be carried away and enjoy this typical day in the ‘real’ Tenerife.


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