Tenerife Office a finalist in the TTG awards


The representative office of Tourism of Tenerife in the UK has been nominated as “Best Tourist Office” in TTG Travel Awards, considered the most prestigious in British industry and a universal benchmark of quality in the sector. The jury consists of more than 30,000 travel agents and relevant experts involved in the tourism industry.

The Minister of Tourism of the Cabildo, Alberto Bernabé, explained, “The nomination is very good news because it means recognition for a job well done and that Tenerife has developed in a market of great importance in the British Isles”. The Minister added that “we have representative, media and public relations offices not only in UK, but also in other important markets such as Germany, France and Russia, and guarantees Tenerife a presence and promotes Tenerife as a destiny as leader. ”

Tenerife competes with six other destinations, the United States, Malta, Greece, England, Abu Dhabi, and Jamaica. Pippa Jacks, editor of TTG Media, said for their part, the TTG Travel Awards “recognize those companies and destinations that are on the top of the travel and tourism industry.” Jacks also congratulates Tenerife Tourism for reached the final list of nominees, the winner of which will be announced next September 28 at an event to be held at the Lyceum Theatre in London.

Tourists from the United Kingdom are the first market for Tenerife. Last year 1,684,000 Britons visited the island, a 6.5 percent increase over the previously year representing 32.7% of the total 5.148 million tourists who spent their vacation on the island in 2014.

Source: Turismo de Tenerife

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