This weekend Santa Cruz celebrates the 218 anniversary of la Gesta

Photo: Gesta Association of July 25

Santa Cruz this weekend celebrates the 218 anniversary of la Gesta on July 25 to commemorate the victory over the Royal Navy under the command of Admiral Horatio Nelson. In this regard, the Gesta Association have organized  about a dozen acts that will recreate historical scenes and pay homage to the sailors of the French corvette “The Mutine” which contributed to the victory in the fighting that took place in the city.

From 19:00 pm on Friday, July 24, the Tenerife Band of Light Infantry Regiment 49 interpret the Floreada Retreat, starting from the Plaza de Weyler and passing through different streets of the city to finish in the Plaza de la Candelaria. Around 21:00 pm there will raising the alarm and recreate the fighting with the British troops in the vicinity of Cruz Verde, Candelaria and Dr. Allart. After the takeover of the Palacio de Carta, and the surrender of the British and the end of the fighting.

The next day, on the esplanade del Duque de Santa Elena, from 11:00 pm to 20:00 pm, will be a recreation of a military camp of the eighteenth century with various activities, such as dramatized stories about the Gesta, craft workshops and displays of dances and costumes. Each coinciding with a volley of cannon fire. An advanced military post of the Tenerife Light Infantry Regiment 49, similar to those established in military missions abroad will also be installed.

The tribute to the fallen during the Gesta will take place at 12:00, at 13:00, a concert from the RIL War 49 Band. At 18: 00 will take place the concert of metals ‘Derque’ with a selection of pieces from the Renaissance. And at 19:30 a ceremony at Iglesia de la Concepción, with the traditional wreath placed at the tomb of General Gutierrez.

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