Do you want to know a secret?

Readers of my blog know that I use TripAdvisor and recently there was a question regarding what the duplex rooms were like in a popular hotel here in the south of the island. The person could find little information so being nosy, I looked on the hotel’s website, and there was no mention of any duplex accommodation. They listed nine room types you could choose, from studios to suites but no ‘duplex’. How strange!

Well it turns out another member has apparently contacted the hotel and because they have only 20 of these rooms, (I assume that number is included in their overall 376 rooms), they don’t want to list them on their website. Personally, I would have thought that almost 6% of the accommodation should not just disappear but it seems it has, it is not even shown on their site layout.


Only one tour operator has access to this type of apartment and if anyone else wants one, according to the TA member’s information they have to contact the hotel direct.

Now maybe I’m being thick, but if they don´t advertise what they have on their own website, if they only let one of their tour operators (and there are many who use this hotel) have access to the accommodation, how on earth is Joe Public supposed to know it exists?

It sounds like that TV series from years ago ‘The Lost Room’ or even god forbid Room 322 at the Hotel Zaza fille-lol

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