With a 240m long circuit, high-speed corners where the traveller experiences a drop over water at breakneck speed of 18 metres per second and with 14 changes of direction to trigger the adrenaline levels and tight corners full of surprises, Singha, is the new attraction presented by Siam Park in the south of Tenerife.

Its promoters describe it as the fastest and most spectacular water coaster in the world. Integrated in the mountains and surrounded by greenery, Singha is a complicated piece of engineering by Canadian specialists for users to experience a sense unprecedented high speed down a huge network of water slides.

Singha is a large structure where users travel down slides in boats. The uphill sections travel at up to 6m per second and the dizzying downhill speed reaches 18m per second. Seventy specialists participated in the design and implementation of this new attraction for Siam Park, which demanded “an immense movement of earth” and “many hours of study, hard work, and dedication,” said the company on Monday.

Singha users are raised to the outlet of a chute on a conveyor belt, for speed and comfort. Once there, the adventurers are on a slide, where covered tunnels, curves and elevations change, all at high speed and surprise from beginning to end

As usual, the promoters did not leave even one millimetre to improvisation. Everything is studied and staged, including the name of the new water coaster. The new attraction of the water park owes its name to the lion rajasi, “king of mythical beasts which, according to the Thai legend, lives in the forest Himmapan and is represented as a magnificent creature with majestic wings of flames”.

The premiere of Singha has been matched with another happy event for Siam Park and sister company Loro Parque: They have been voted by TripAdvisor best water park in the world and Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, the best zoo in Europe and second in the world after the US San Diego Zoo.

Take a look video distributed by the Loro Parque group.

The above is re-hashed from the original article in ATC Press where it was written in Spanish and Google didn´t translate particularly well!

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  1. Nicola says:

    Hola Queenie!
    Not to be pedantic, but if by “Singha users are raised to the outlet of a chute on a conveyor belt, for speed and comfort.” you mean that visitors are taken to the top on a conveyor belt – this isn’t true. I was there last weekend and queued for 1.5 hours along a winding stone pathway before I reached the top! Whilst taking a ride on a conveyor belt to get to the top sounds wonderful, that method is reserved for the empty boats 🙂

    • Thanks Nicola, as said it was a re-hash of original and as my Spanish is only slightly better than the Google translate, I’m not surprised if I misunderstood parts. But having queued for so long, was the ride worth it. Would love to hear as nobody I know has said they have been on it 🙂

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